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  Our work examines the political, administrative and economic scenes in different cities by using information found in the place and building installations. Direct contact with specialists in the fields we work in is important for the work we do. We ask for opinions and find the complexities and variations of each place. Mainly we are interested in the relations established between individuals and administration. The video installation is the space where we connect the found data with the objects and the environment; bringing together the results of our work within the context of daily human life. Since 2004 we have worked as a duo (Celia Gonzalez-Yunior Aguiar). For each project we participate in the whole process, from the conception of the idea to the final product. This experience within a micro society of two peoples has helped us to understand how to interact successfully in other social spaces. For us it is vital that our dialog is not only about art but also about our concerns as citizens.


   The audiovisual, the video installation, and other forms of documentation serve us to register documentary- and process-based works. In these we look to be conscious of our possibilities of mobility when confronted with institutional structures. For this reason we utilize art not only as a language but also as a method of observation which is subjectivized and trained by an understanding of art history. In some cases we part from the idea of staged performance, carrying out actions in which we participate as unknowns without having announced ourselves as artists (works: Civil Status, Password VHS, Bojeo, The Good Contacts Clinic, One’s Own…). In others we document using video and installation critical areas of reality due to its density of contradiction (works: October 2008, Havana 15 Seconds, Reserve, Everyone Always Says This to Me, In the Middle of What…).


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